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Upon the purchase of a new house or a co-ownership that is covered, the Guarantee Plan for new Residential Buildings automatically applies. This plan guarantees the fulfilment of certain legal obligations of your contractor. Their conditions are established in the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings.

For your complete peace of mind

Novo Climat 2.0

Novoclimat 2.0 defines the technical requirements needed to be respected in order to obtain a superior energy performance when we build a new construction. This applies to all construction of single dwelling homes or small multi-apartment buildings.

APCHQ Guarantee

The residential Guarantee (GIR) is an optional guarantee offered for buildings that are not covered by the mandatory guarantee for new residential buildings.

GCR Guarantee

The residential construction Guarantee (GCR) is set for the purpose of protecting new home buyers’ interests (single and co-owner dwelling homes) to reduce claims by increasing the construction quality of the building and ensure an optimal risk assessment when it comes to coverage.

The advantages of Guarantees

  • They protect your investment
  • They avoid unexpected additional costs
  • They facilitate the property’s re-sale
  • They offer peace of mind

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