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Working on creating new building is truly a passion for us. The quality of our results makes us beam with pride.  We offer a wide array styles to choose from that is suited to every budget. You have your own project plan in hand…. or in mind?  Tell us about it, It will be our pleasure to evaluate it for you… free of charge!
Here are some of our projects…

This is what sets us apart from the competition

Style it up

You prefer a more modern look to a rural or rustic or country home style? Perhaps a bi-generational home or revenue-driven building is more what you’re looking for. When it comes to new construction, we will turn your dream construction project to light. Let us know what we can do for you !

Competitively priced

Our purchasing power towards new construction materials runs deep and therefore, those savings coupled with efficient and competent workers enable us to offer the most completive pricing on the market.

Guaranteed Quality

Our home builds and constructions are covered by the best guarantee in the business. Novo climat 2.0 –APCHQ Guarantees

Why BUILD a new home ?

  • Applicable new construction guarantees
  • Wide array of choice when it comes to materials
  • Personalised floor-plan styles
  • Energy savings
  • Locations of your choice

For many of our clients, building a second home has always been a dream, an accomplishment. Share your project with us, we will put our expertise to work towards realising that dream!

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